Friday, March 11, 2011

What's Soph going to do with those curls?

Can't wait to see what our girl, Sophie, is going to do with all these soap curls. I'm not tellin', but I will share with you later this weekend.

Here are a few bars that Sophie made earlier this week. She used our small cutters to create the tiny shapes in the far left bar. Soap curls were used in the middle soap and cutters were used to create the flower. Sophine hand cut the flower stem and leaf in green soap.

As I mentioned on my FB page, I am off work today. Spending the entire day with my daughter for her birthday. We are heading off to a massage and pedi this AM, then lunch and shopping. So glad my daughter loves to spend time with her mommy. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday. Sadly, it snowed again last night so the roads are kind of slick.... please....please... Spring where are you?

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The Blade Girl said...

Sophie, you did a beautiful job! I love these little curly Q's
You ladies have inspired me, I might be up all night browsing your site.

I even got a recipe for dinner tomorrow, lol