Saturday, November 13, 2010

Customer Service: It's All In the Eyes of The Receiver

FACT: Customers behave and react to their needs and expectations when placing an online order. Sadly, as retailers, we don't know the needs and expectations of each and every customer. It is safe to assume that customer will expect "bare-bones" customer service such as shipping an order timely, or responding to an email about a product. But, how a customer reacts and behaves to order errors is hard to predict. Some are just plain "ugly" and unforgiving. And, then, there are customers like this. Here is an email I received this morning:


What wonderful speedy service, however one item must have jumped right out of the box on you! I did not get the Water dissolving paper, 3 sheets ordered. None in the box. :-(

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, thanks for the vanilla and fudge brownie sniffies. They are great!


Wow, an email like that is refreshing. One of my staffers messed up, but here is a customer who throws in a twist of humor. Here was my reply....

Hi Carol,

You are so right... the paper did jump right out of the box and right back into the packing bin! Imagine that, I believe a little elf was up to some mischief. The paper was sent out yesterday by first class mail (large envelope). One of my workers found it in a packing bin the next morning. Big oopsie!

Thank you for your kindness and fun nature in addressing the missing item. It's very refreshing on our end.

Kindest Regards,
Denise M.

THE POINT: Customer Service is in the eyes of the receiver. Another customer may have reacted differently. As business owners, we should offer top-notch service and strive to be error free as humanly possible. Sadly, none of us can predict how any given customer is going to respond when service or an order error fails to meet their expectations. Our company is diligent about fulfilling orders and responding to service requests. Yet, there will be those times when our best isn't good enough based on the eyes of the receiver. When those times happen (and they will), I will remember customers like Carol.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Wonder Turtle Soaps said...

Sounds like Carol is a wonderful customer! I always appreciate great customer service and strive to provide it myself. Mistakes happen, though, and I make them, too. As a customer, I don't get all upset about mistakes. What matters to me is how the issue is resolved once it is brought to someone's attention. If my issue is resolved promptly and professionally, I'm a happy customer. :)