Sunday, November 07, 2010

Melt and Pour Soap Making: Fortune Cookie Soaps

This weekend I've been working on Christmas gifts. One of those gifts included fortune cookie soaps. I'll have a tutorial posted on the web site soon, but here is a sneak peek at the soap cookies. My annual "Ladies Night Out" soaping event is coming up soon, and this will be one of the featured projects.

I'll be making a number of different fortune cookie types, but this first go around was a cinnamon chocolate scent drizzled with both chocolate and vanilla colored goodness.

I had a dinner party to attend the same day I made these soaps and needed to bring a hostess gift. I quickly packaged the finished soaps to hand out at "treats" to the guests and then put together a Chinese take-out gift box for the hostess. I packaged two cookie soaps in each glassine bag and then printed up labels to seal the bag. Ribbon was applied to the outside of each bag using double sided tape. The final presentation was quite impressive.

A printed fortune was placed inside each cookie. The trick to this project is having the soap base the precise consistency to fold and bend each cookie into its shape. And yes, there were plenty of blunders when doing this project. The good news... the iced topping helped to cover those blunders. I'm off now to do another batch to ensure that the recipe I post is accurate! Wish me luck.

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