Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Up This Year with the Elves?

So.... what are Santa's Magic Elves up to this year? Thankfully, my oldest grandson (who is 7) does not follow my blog. If he did, he would be disappointed to know that his NeeNee is the wand behind the elf magic.

Last year the elves got themselves into a heap of trouble. This year, we're down playing the mischief acts and incorporating some new ideas. You might wonder what all this has to do with soap making. The answer is NOTHING! Believe it or not, I do have a life apart from my business. There are also a good number of blog "followers" that have incorporated the Magic Elf idea into their own Christmas tradition. This post is for them and for the kid in each of us.

Here are this year's Elfcapades:

  • December 10: Elves arrive by sleigh, but will be parachuting in due to unforeseen landing issues.
  • December 11: Kids decorate their Elf mailboxes. The Elves will be in a basket hanging from a self-made zip line. Won't the grand kids be surprised when they awaken to find a zip line strung from one room to the next?
  • December 12: I am putting $5 inside small zippered stockings along with a note that the Elves want the kids to shop for a gift for the local Angel Tree.
  • December 13: The Elves will be decorating the house with tinsel in all the unusual places. There will also be letters in the Elf mailboxes for each kid. They will be printed in "mirror-image" and the kids will have to use a mirror to read the message.
  • December 14: I purchased small fishing poles for each elf. The kids will find them fishing in a goldfish bowl (yes, live goldfish... and I did check with Mommy to be sure this was OK!). There will be goldfish crackers and some magic Elf dust scattered around. The magic Elf dust is what made the cracker goldfish turn into "real" goldfish".
  • December 15: Grand kids come for the night. Those little mischievous Elves will have a ladder in the middle of the great room. It will be strung with giant lights and assorted Christmas decorations. I guess the Elves thought we needed to do a little more decorating!
  • December 16: I purchased an Elf Hat and Elf Shoe Covers. Those darn Elves will put them on Daddy while he is sound asleep. Just wait until Daddy wakes up and walks to breakfast dressed in Elf attire.
  • December 17: The kids will awake to the Elves unloading the dishwasher. After all, it's all about helping Mommy and scoring points with Santa. Inside the dishwasher is a new Christmas DVD to watch as a family.
  • December 18: The elves have snow globe nightlights. All the stuffed animals and action characters will be lined up in front of the nightlights while the elves read them "Frosty the Snowman" book. Mommy and Daddy can read the book at bed time later that night.
  • December 19: Nothing like an Elf snowball fight with cotton balls. A little bit of spray snow to add effect. Guess the Elves are missing the cold North Pole Winter.
  • December 20: Elf antlers (for the boys), jingle bell tutu (for my grand daughter)... ballerina shoes.... what in the heck were those Elves doing last night? The kids will enjoy the light up head bopper antlers and Miss O will love the jingle tutu.
  • December 21: Oh no, the toilet outlined in Christmas lights... toothpaste squirted on the bathroom counter in the shape of a Christmas... new toothbrushes....
  • December 22: Elves roasting marshmallows over the fireplace... really! Camp chairs, marshmallows, open bag of chocolate bars and graham crackers. Guess the Elves needed a little midnight snack.
  • December 23: Can you believe those Elves have decorated the windows with snow spray and that there are candy canes leading to an early Christmas gift outside? I wonder what it is?
  • December 24: Tonight the Elves must prepare for their North Pole departure. Passports in hand and tucked safely inside their sleigh beneath the Christmas tree, they must bid farewell. But not before leaving a special message inside their Elf mailbox to each grand child about the real meaning of Christmas... the birth of Jesus.

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