Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ultimate Fortune Cookie Soap Recipe

In a prior post, I shared what I was planning for my Annual Girls Soaping Night Out Event. This weekend, I've been finalizing the projects AND most importantly, have fined-tuned the fortune cookie soap. After several less than perfect batches, I have finally arrived at the Ultimate Fortune Cookie soap. It's very easy and once you make a trial and error batch, you will get the hang of it very quickly.

For my event, I elected to prepare all the fortune cookie soaps ahead of time. We have a number of projects and our time is limited. Having to melt, color, scent, pour soap... then, wait for it to set up, form the cookies, insert the fortunes.... too much time for a large group. Instead, I put together a kit with 6 undecorated fortune cookie soaps, a clear take-out box, ribbon, a colorful gift card (blank), label that also lists the ingredients, a clear cello bag, and a small amount of white paper fill.

Pictured above is the fortune cookie soap kit each lady will receive. Their project will be to decorate their six fortune cookies. I'm keeping it simple by drizzling dark chocolate and mocha colors onto the front and back sides of the soaps. A sprinkle of cinnamon powder and those cookies will be looking fantastic and good enough to eat. You could decorate with any colors you like and even add a few sprinkles. But our event goal is KIS (Keep It Simple).

The other projects include a layered body butter whip, s'more soap, and a gelato bath fizzy. OK, enough said. Let's give you the ultimate fortune cookie soap recipe.

  • Melt 12 ounces of white FLX soap base in the microwave (the FLX soap base is a must as it allows for more flexiblitity in forming the cookies). Do not overheat. I use a 5 setting on my microwave. Cubing the soap first, helps the soap to melt faster.

  • Remove from microwave and stir. You want to ensure there are no unmelted lumps. Once you have a smooth consistency, add 2 teaspoons of water and 1 teaspoon of liquid vegetable glycerin. Mix well.

  • Now add color and fragrance. I used 1 to 2 drops of Leaf Brown colorant to help diminish the starkness of the white base. You can color however you like, but I do recommend using the liquid gel colors that we offer. I used 3 teaspoons of our Cinnamon Bun fragrance oil.

  • You're ready to pour. I used both the 9 inch and 8 inch jelly roll pans. I wanted to test both pans and they work equally well. The 9 inch pan yields five circle cut-out when using a 3 1/2" round cutter. The 8-inch pan yielded four. When pouring, you want to keep the layer relatively thin (around 1/8" in thickness). The 12 ounces of melted soap will easily filled both the 9-inch and 8-inch jelly roll pan.

  • You can use a smaller circle cutter though I don't recommend going less than 3 inches in diameter. Experiment with different size circle cutters to determine what works best for you. You can even use a plastic cup. You will be amazed at how many items you have around the house that might work well as a circle cutter.

  • You will want to pay close attention to your poured soap at this point. You need to remove it from the jelly roll pans while it is still pliable but not so pliable that it hasn't set up. The first time you release too early... you will immediately get a feel for you next batch. Don't despair, you can remelt the soap base and start over. Just don't add any additional water, glycerin, color or scent.

  • Turn out the soap onto a cutting board and cut out your circle shapes. Fold the circle in half and gently pinch the outer edges together (gently!) You will have a half moon shape. Place your index finger in the center of the soap (where the fold is) and gently fold the soap into a fortune cookie shape. It might take a few tries, but you'll eventually get the hang of it. If you do have any flub-ups, just remelt when making your next batch.

  • Place the extra soap from the cut-outs onto a soap scale to determine weight. Add the difference in FLX white soap base to equal 12 ounces. Place this back into your glass measuring cup for your next batch. You will need to be careful when reusing the soap base from the cut-outs. This base has already been scented, colored, and contains the water/glycerin additives. You may find it easier to just save all the soap scraps until you have enough to equal a new batch and instead use a fresh batch of the FLX white base for your next batch.

  • I found it much easier to make the fortune cookie soap first BEFORE adding the printed fortune. After letting the soaps set up for 5-10 minutes, I then inserted the printed fortune inside the cookie. Gently separate the fold of the cookie and slide in your fortune.

  • Decorate your soap cookie any way you like. In fact, you may elect to not decorate at all. The possibilities are endless.

I told you it was easy. Good luck and BTW.... I am including a link for you to print out fortunes!

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