Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mold Market Introduces 9 New Soap Mold Designs

Mold Market has released 9 new soap mold designs that are sure to please the heart of many soapers. They range in style from classic, to kids, to just plain fun (as in their s'more mold!). They include a pebble rock mold (pictured above) and a plum leaf (shown below).
As always, Mold Market pushes it to the cutting edge in mold designs and the grape fern with border (shown below) is a perfect example. In a future blog post, I will have to talk about what it takes to create one these mold designs. It's not as easy and straight-forward as you may believe it to be.

You can check out the 9 mold designs here. Other new designs include a S'more mold (based on pre-orders, an expected sell out). There is Homer the Fish, Whale Willie, Assorted Easter Eggs, Oblong Leaf, and a Tic Tac Toe mold.

Mold Market is one of the leading soap mold companies in the US. They are a strong supporter and sponsor of the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild year after year. Quality follows their name. You won't be disappointed with their mold line AND all molds are made in the USA!! I know ya' all are jumping up and down about silicone molds these days. But, 99% of silicone molds from are NOT made in the USA. They are manufactured in Mexico, China, or other countries that are not supporting the US economy and our workers. Go ahead and shoot me now (I know I'm going to get email feedback on that one), but I have to call it like it is.

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