Friday, November 26, 2010

A Little too Much too Drink? Hmmmm....

OK, call my family a bit kooky, but that's what you get when you have a husband in the wine business. This knight sets outside our front door and generally holds a bottle of wine. It was part of a wine display that my honey man brought home a few months back.

I had the great idea of hanging this beautiful Christmas wreath on the knight's arm. You know, right next to the bottle of wine that he holds in his other hand. Well.... as you can see, my knight in shining armor may have had too much to drink.

When the guys from my carpet cleaning service arrived this morning, this is what they found. Their first comment was, "I think the man outside your door had too much wine yesterday". Sure enough, there was my knight face down on the deck and definitely two sheets to the wind. If he's going to be drinking until he passes out, I'll make sure he only drinking the cheap stuff!

Hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend.

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Veronica said...

lmao cute story. poor guy ;/