Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Soap Molds Stack Up As the Best? MOLD MARKET!

Yes, we may be prejudice, but in our opinion, the Mold Market brand of soap molds stack up as the best! Their 4 mil plastic is durable, the mold designs are innovative and creative, and the quality is hard to beat. This new design is just one of the many reasons our customers give accolades to the inventive designs that are introduced every 3-4 months.

Just look at the border edge detail. The leaf impression is incredible and lends itself to a "stamped" bar look. Very natural and organic looking. This new 2.5 ounce Grape Fern Leaf guest bar is one of my personal favorites. Think this was an easy design to create? Think again. The border edge alone was more complicated than you care to know. Mold Market has one of the best designers in the industry and it shows! GoPlanet is delighted to stock these molds and we think you will be delighted with the quality.

Our girl Sophie was home from college this weekend and was kind enough to pour these soaps in some "earthy" soap colors. Very nice, Soph!

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