Sunday, August 12, 2012

Creating Memories

While getting ready for a dinner party, I scooted into my bedroom to pick out jewelry to complement my outfit. My costume jewelry is stored in various decorative containers. While removing the lid from one container I was surprised to find a blue cardboard box tucked inside. Taped to the box was a gold card with the name "Olivia"  and "14th" written in black marker. I was puzzled about the "14th" notation, but later realized this was the day my six-year old grand daughter, Olivia, safely stored her treasures in my jewelry box.

At my age, my memories at age six are greatly diminished. If I were completely honest, I can't remember them at all (except for my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Blue, who wore sweater clips). Does anyone even remember sweater clips? Anyhow, back to my story.

I was curious about the contents of this special box. Obviously, the content must be of great importance for Olivia to replace my jewelry with her special blue box (still trying to find where she put my jewelry) . As I opened the box, her treasures were revealed. I wasn't quite prepared for what I found.

There were buttons, a plastic ring, a burned out light bulb, a rock, pull tab from an aluminum can, a jar top and chenille pom poms.

It was unclear to me why Olivia would save all these trinkets. Not only did she tuck them in a box, but proceeded to hide that box inside another box. What possible use was there for any of these items? What was her purpose in hiding these trinkets?

In pondering these questions, I reflected on the many "things" we collect in our lifetime. We're no different than six-year old Olivia. Our valued personal collection of trinkets and treasures are meaningless to most. Yet, we are often unwilling to let go of them. Why?

In looking at the items Olivia saved, I quickly realized each trinket represented something we had done together as a craft or as part of a designated special day. In her mind, each token trinket captured a moment she wanted to remember. I felt honored my grand daughter wanted to create a history of our time together.

So, until Olivia decides otherwise, her blue box memories will remain private, untouched and undisturbed and safely tucked inside my jewelry box.

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