Friday, August 17, 2012

Warning: Deviled Soap Eggs (Do Not Eat)

This week my daughter stopped by to visit. She immediately spotted these deviled eggs on the kitchen counter.
"Ohhhhh, deviled eggs, my favorite", she said.
Grabbing one to pop into her mouth, she quickly realized these were deviled SOAP eggs.
"Mom, why do always do that to me. You make these awesome soaps that look like food. I get excited, only to discover it's soap!"
The eggs were made with Mold Market's Rounded Oval mold. The mold cavities were partially filled with scented white soap. Be sure to pour the soap deep enough to scoop out a portion for the egg topping. A melon baller utensil works well.

Remove the soap from the mold and place the flat side down. Using a 3-inch diameter water glass, trim one end of oval shape into more of an egg shape. Flip the egg white over and scoop out a portion of the soap with the melon baller. Save all the trimmed soap for a future project.

Set the egg whites aside while you make the body butter whip filling. Use either DWP yellow or Flower Child Yellow Submarine colorant. Depending on how much you are making, you will need to eyeball the color. Start with a few drops and add or blend colors as needed to reach the desired shade. Fragrance can be added to the colored body butter whip.

Spoon out portions of the filling onto waxed paper. Sprinkle with a powdered paprika. Melt a small amount of clear soap base and pour into the scooped portion of the egg white. Carefully seat the colored filling on top. Allow to set up.

Final Comments:

  • Are these practical? Heck, no!
  • Are they fun? Heck, yes!
  • Will kids have fun making these? Heck, yes!
  • Can you color the egg whites in Easter colors? Heck, yes! Instead of using the paprika, use cosmetic glitter.
  • Can you actually use these in the shower or bath? Heck, yes!
  • Can you eat them? Heck, no (Hahhah! unless you use naughty words. Washing your mouth out with soap might be appropriate).

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