Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wedding Cootie Catchers

Wedding Cootie Catcher

For the past month, I've been preparing for an upcoming wedding. I'm doing the reception tables and it's been a blast coming up with "Shabby Chic" ideas. These Wedding Cootie Catchers will be part of the table ensemble. I had totally forgotten about this origami design that we made as kids. It was my nine-year old grandson that inspired this idea.

As I was looking over wedding trivia sent to me by the bride, my grandson said, "NeeNee, you should do cootie catchers!" I was absolutely clueless what he was talking about. "Let me Google it, NeeNee."

And so, cootie catchers have been incorporated into the wedding table theme. I am excited to see how all my decorating plans fall into place. Fresh flowers arrive on Thursday for the painted wine bottles, the personalized fortune cookies were delivered last week, and finishing detail touches are near completion.

Hoping the weather cooperates for the outdoor wedding ceremony. Thankfully, the reception is indoors. No matter what the weather holds, my former administrative assistant of 7 years is getting married. I couldn't be happier for her.

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