Sunday, August 12, 2012

Packaging Idea: Monster Cupcake Soaps

Remember those monster cupcake soaps Gabby made last week? Here's a cute packaging idea for gift giving. I selected two of the friendly guys and placed each in a clear cupcake box cushioned with colorful paper shred. Whimsical monsters were printed on white paper and applied to the outside of the boxes with double-sided tape.

Stack the two boxes and secure together with strips of double-sided tape. A hole punch was used to make openings for the ribbon handle. Thread the ribbon ends through the punched openings and knot ends to keep it in place. Since this was being gifted to an 8 year old girl, I decided to dress the top box with a package of colorful sour candies.

I hope this offers inspiration on ways to package cupcake soaps made with Mold Market's cupcake molds. For the record, this gift was very well received by 8-year old Chloe. She couldn't wait until bath time and the sour candies were gobbled up within minutes.

A picture of one of the cupcake monsters was inserted into the back side of the top box. If you are reselling the soaps, this is a great place to list ingredients.

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