Friday, August 10, 2012

Melt & Pour Soap: Cupcake Soap Monsters Cupcake Monster Soaps

I just love when I throw out a soaping idea and one a worker runs with it. These cupcake monster soaps were made by Gabby using Mold Market's Original Cupcake mold. We were all brainstorming how to make feet for our friendly monsters. Thank you, Nichelle, for suggesting we use an economy heart mold. Gabby cut the heart in half to make the feet. Don't you love the shoelaces?

All the monsters were colored with our bright neon liquid gel colors. Clear soap was colored and used in cupcake the bases and toppers. Gabby hand cut the mouths, tongues, hair and horns.  Black oxide colorant was added to clear soap base for the shoes, mouth and pupils.

Melt & Pour Cupcake Monster Soaps
List of Supplies Used:

  • Clear melt & pour soap base- plan on 6 ounces for the cupcake portions and feet.
  • Set of neon bright colorants (contains six colors). The neon red is sold separately.
  • Mold Market's Original Cupcake mold
  • Black Oxide colorant (we used our liquid gel)
  • GoPlanet's Economy Heart8 mold
  • Mini cutter set (for hair and whites of eyes). Use a plastic to-go straw to punch out the black portion of eyes)
  • Recessed Smoother Soaping Tool (this is critical to have when cutting out the shapes for the monster's face).
  • Fragrance oil of your choice. You will need approximately 2 teaspoons of fragrance oil for three cupcake monsters. (there are 6 teaspoons in one ounce of fragrance oil)

All the monster pieces were attached with melted clear soap (no color added). The nose portion of the monster is part of the cupcake topper. Gabby poured that in a contrasting color. If you're wondering how to package these little guys, consider GoPlanet's clear cupcake boxes.

If you like this soaping project, please let Gabby know via email. She will appreciate your feedback.

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