Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Wedding Soaps

GoPlanetEarth.com Water Dissolving Soap Paper

We finished up our final day of personalized wedding soaps for an upcoming event. They turned out awesome. Thanks to Gabby and Chelsea who learned the tricks of using the GPE water dissovling paper. Their first try wasn't quite as successful, so I'm posting a few tips they learned when using this paper in the molds.

  1. Our entire staff agreed a white soap background offers the best results.
  2. Pour a very thin layer of unscented ultimate clear soap in the bottom of each mold cavity. DO NOT spray with rubbing alcohol. If any air bubbles appear, use your finger to pop them.
  3. Allow the thin soap layer to set up completely. Once set, insert and center your pre-cut paper design/logo.
  4. Melt your white soap base and allow to cool to around 130 degrees. Add desired fragrance oil.
  5. Slowly fill the balance of the soap mold with the white soap.
  6. Spritz the back of the soaps with rubbing alcohol once poured to remove any surface air bubbles.
  7. Do not remove soaps from the mold until they have completely set-up.
The following Mold Market molds were used for this soaping project: #006 Beveled Oval Mold, #011 Beveled Border Circle and  #005 Beveled Border Square. The templates can be purchased here. The templates DO NOT include any printable GPE water dissolving paper. That is a separate purchase.

GoPlanetEarth.com Water Dissolving Soap Paper

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