Sunday, March 10, 2013

A New Tradition: Prayer Bears

This Easter my grandkids are starting a new tradition. After Easter service, we are going to a local Caretel facility to visit with nursing home residents. The kids are taking a dozen or so of these Prayer Bears to gift to those they visit.

I am replacing the cards that came with the bears with a personalized prayer card that includes a photo of the grandkids and a message that reads, "Whenever you are lonely, sad, or sick. We are praying for you."

If the facility allows, I will take a photo of the Prayer Bear recipients. The grandkids will have a matching Prayer Bear for each one they gift.

The matching bears will have a photo with the resident's name and photo. At bedtime, we will prayer for each of our Prayer Bear friends.

Teaching our children a culture of sharing starts in the home. I want my grandchildren to understand that those perceived as a burden (such as the elderly) can be our greatest blessing.

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