Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Egg Geodes

Photo credits: Nana Jones at Craftknowitall

I am always looking for weekend projects to do with the grandkids. I spotted these beautiful geodes eggs made by Nana Jones over at Craft Know It All. These are jaw-dropping gorgeous and something the kids can do on Friday night and see the results the next day.

The biggest decision will be choosing what colors to use. Color choices are limited to one per grandkid and NeeNee will pick the fourth color. I'm fairly certain that Olivia will pick pink, the two boys will likely choose green and blue. My choice will be yellow.

Last week my little buddy, Fischer helped me prep the eggs. We had to wait for the alum powder to arrive by mail so we are going to finish up the geode project this weekend. If all goes well, we will have beautiful crystal eggs like Nana Jones to dress our dinner table on Easter.

The first step is to blow out the inside of the egg. I straighten one end of a large paper clip to poke holes in both ends of the egg. You will want one hole a little larger so the yolk and egg white can escape.
I gave my nine-year old grandson the egg blowing duty. He thought it was pretty cool, and trust me, he has much more wind power than NeeNee.

Once the eggs were cleaned out, I inserted the tip of scissors into the larger hole and cut through the center of each egg to create two halves.

Clean the inside of the egg halves and turn the hollow side down and allow to dry.

Once dry, place a dollop of white glue (I used the Elmer's brand) in the center of each egg. Use your finger or a craft paint brush and thoroughly coat the inside of each egg with the glue.

Sprinkle a layer of alum powder over the glue, covering all areas. Set the eggs aside.

This is the point my little buddy and I stopped our project. We didn't have enough alum powder to make the solution to grow the geodes.

But, the alum came today! So..... this weekend, we will be putting our prepped eggs into the colored solutions and see what happens.

I'm going to very disappointed if this doesn't work, and so will the grandkids. With fingers crossed I am hoping they turned out as nice as Nana's.

Alum Powder

My little Buddy, Fisher applying the alum powder to the eggs. He was such a good helper.

Here's a video clip of Fischer helping with the eggs. We'll keep you posted on how the geodes turn out.

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