Saturday, March 09, 2013

Fish Soap on the Rope

I had to pour up some color samples for a customer. I elected to use Mold Market's Willie the Whale mold. This mold depicts a fish and since my grandson is named Fischer (we call him Fish), it was an ideal pairing. He got a kick out of  hanging the soaps in NeeNee and Poppy's shower.

You can also successfully use Mold Market's Homer the Fish mold.

I used a straw/spoon combo to punch the hole for the string. The grand kids use these straws for Root Beer floats and they are more durable than a standard straw.


Thread twine through the opening and knot. Fischer hung his soap from a hook in the shower.

These whales are ideal for birthday party favors. Shrink or stretch wrap the soap part and tuck inside gift bags along with other ocean themed favors. GoPlanetEarth's 4 x 6 inch shrink bags will fit this whale mold.

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