Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Day: Bite Size Cookies

Yesterday, I decided to get a jump start on making cookies for the grandkids' classroom party on Friday. It's tradition that NeeNee bring cookies, green lime-aid and treat bags for each student. And of course, green napkins and cups.

My husband returned from the grocery store with the ready made sugar cookie dough. I was expecting the dough to be in one of those sliceable rolls. Instead, in came in break-apart cubes. It's probably nothing new to most of you, but for a non-baker, it was a novel concept.

Now, what should I use to make a shamrock on these little bite-size cookies. Ah, ha, said the women who never bakes, "I can cut a stencil from the lid of my husband's to-go wonton soup container."

My shamrock application improved with every cookie. By the last batch, I had mastered the template.

Beaming with pride, I showcased the cookies to my husband. His reply, "I could have purchased ready-made cookies, all decorated, at the grocery store" as he popped a cookie into his mouth.

My response,  "Come here so I can knock you to the other side of the moon and don't come back without that cookie you just ate." Big hugs ensued as he told me the cookies looked great.

These are the cookie cubes. It was amazing how they turned into round cookies.

While making the cookies, I thinking soap. It's my business and in my blood. Hmm... how can I make this template work on finished soap.

Let's see... if using cake frosting on cookies, why not use soap frosting on soaps? BINGO! It's on this week's soaping projects list.

I think Mold Market's personal size cirle would be ideal.

96 cookies baked, 80 treat bags assembled...big sigh! Was it worth the time, energy and expense? YES, YES, YES! To look at the grandkids' faces as they pass out treat bags and cookies to school friends, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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