Sunday, March 17, 2013

Melt & Pour Alien Soaps

Melt and pour alien soaps

There was an invasion of little aliens in the soaping kitchen last week. This soap is made from Mold Market's original cupcake mold and large bath bomb mold. The antennas and mouth are hand cut using our recessed smoothing tool. The center cherry on the cupcake mold makes for the bulging eyes. All the pieces were assembled using clear melted soap base.

Pictured left are cut-outs of the ears and antennas. Pour a thin layer of soap into a flexible jelly roll pan. Allow soap to set up and then remove to a cutting board.

Our cupcake cello bags work best for these little guys. The bag  allows enough room for the taller antenna.

The base of the soap is poured in white soap that is colored with 2 drops of bright neon blue liquid gel and 1 drop of black oxide liquid gel.

The head is the poured in white soap base (about 6.8 ounces) with 2 drops of bright neon green liquid gel.

For the bulging eyeballs, use a soap injector tool and fill the center of the cherry in the cupcake mold. Attach the black pupils with scrap soap left-over from the mouth cut-outs.

Color white soap with 2 drops Kelly green and 1 drop bright neon green liquid gels. Pour a thin layer into the bottom of the flexible jelly roll pan. This is used to make the ears and antennas.

Do the same for the mouth except color clear soap black. If you try to color white soap, you will get a gray color. You need to use clear soap to achieve black. You can make the mouths any expression you want.

It's a good idea to score the cupcake base and head with a knife of molding tool. This helps the clear soap base seep into the scored areas for better adhesion. Use melted clear soap just like you would glue to secure all the pieces. The longest part of this soap project is carving the mouths and ear cut-outs.

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