Thursday, March 14, 2013

Melt & Pour Soap: Sophie's Easter Chicks

Welcome back, Sophie! Many of you may remember Sophie Soap Chick. She worked for GoPlanetearth for a number of years and is now finishing her Criminal Justice degree. On a whim, I contacted her to see if she would be willing to go to work on some soaping ideas I've had on the back burner. She answered with a big YES!!

I filled a big box with soaping supplies and sent them off to our soaping gal. This soap is her comeback soap and appropriately named it "Sophie Soap Chick".

Supplies Needed (makes two chicks)

Cube and melt the white soap in the microwave in short bursts of heat. Add the yellow colorant  (about 4 drops) and 2 teaspoons fragrance oil. Mix well and pour into the bath bomb mold cavities. Reserve the left-over yellow soap. This will be used for the exterior covering of the chick (feathers).

Add a small drop of orange color to the leftover yellow soap. Reheat in the microwave until pourable. Don't overheat! Pour soap soap into the 8 x 8" flexible jelly roll pan. Let it set up completely. Remove from pan grate like cheese.

To make the feet and beak, melt 2 ounces of white soap in the microwave. Color with a couple drops of orange colorant. Pour the soap into the lid of a small plastic storage container. The 8 x 8" pan will be much too large. Let the soap set up and remove onto a cutting board. Use the recessed molding tool to hand cut the feet and beak. Sophie even included a template for the feet.

The eyes were made by drawing melted white soap into the injector tool. Let the soap set for about 90 seconds after removing from the microwave. Draw the soap into the syringe and squirt out soap dollops. Rinse the syringe.

Melt the clear soap base in the microwave. Reserve a very tiny portion to make the blacks of the eyes. Leave the rest of soap clear. You can add fragrance, but it's optional.

Join the two bath bomb halves with melted clear soap base. Make sure you have a nice, tight seal. Once the halves are set, start applying the shredded yellow feathers. This requires a little patience. Spoon melted soap onto the sphere and then apply the shredded soap. It will take several applications to completely cover the chick's body. Let dry.

Use melted clear soap to attach the feet, beak and eyes. The little chick weighs in at around 7.5 ounces.

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