Friday, November 19, 2010

Mold Market's S'more Soap Mold Scores a 10!

A couple of my workers came in after hours last night in preparation for our upcoming Ladies Soap Night Out. It's an annual event that I host the first week of December. The number of attendees is limited so it has become a coveted event. This year, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mold Market's new S'more soap mold. It arrived on Wednesday, and I was not disappointed!

  • Pour the graham cracker part using 2 parts clear to 1/2 part white soap base.

  • Add a small amount of Yellow Oxide liquid gel to the melted soap. If you happen to overcolor, you can add a small amount of Snow White liquid gel colorant or add more white soap base.

  • Pour into the graham cracker mold cavities.

  • To make the chocolate centers, use clear soap. Add chocolate brown liquid gel color until you get the chocolate color to look realistic. You really won't need much. These mold cavities are less than one ounce, so keep that in mind when you are preparing and melting your soap base.

  • Pour the chocolate color in the mold cavity.

  • While your S'more pieces are setting up in the mold, begin preparing the marshmallow center. You will need whipped body butter, some melted white soap and liquid glycerin. How much you whip up will depend on how many S'more soaps you are making. We were able to make marshmallow centers for about 6-8 soaps with the following recipe below. Whipped the body butter in a large mixing bowl using a hand held mixer. Gradually add the melted soap base and vegetable glycerin.

One pound body butter whip

1.2 pounds opaque (white) melt and pour soap base

2 Tablespoons vegetable glycerin

  • Reserve a little bit of the white melted soap base (about 1/2 to 1 ounce). Leave it in a microwaveable dish. I like to use glass measuring cups for melting my soap base.

  • Once your graham crackers pieces are firmly set-up, remove from the mold. To assemble your S'more place one graham cracker face down and apply a small amount of white soap to the surface of the soap. This will be used to help seat the chocolate piece. Now place the chocolate piece on top of the graham cracker.

  • Drizzle some more melted soap base onto the chocolate piece and the add a "blob" of the marshmallow using a small spatula or spoon.

  • The final layer is the graham cracker bottom. Drizzle a bit more melted soap onto the marshmallow filling, then seat the graham cracker bottom.

  • As a finishing touch, we added a smidgen of cinnamon.

You can scent your S'more if you wish. For the chocolate centers, we used Chocolate scent with just a tad of cinnamon bun. The grahams crackers and marshmallow centers were scented with Roasted Marshmallow scent.


Victoria Stangen said...

Will the whipped body butter for the marshmallow set hard like the rest of the soap?

Denise said...

Yes, it does set up.