Friday, December 14, 2012

A Soaping Marathon Week

This last week has been a soaping marathon. We've turned out 125 soaps in a matter of days, PLUS packaged them all. This is the last batch for my grandson's third grade classroom. He picked out two scents, one for the girls (they get the red soaps) and one for the boys (green soaps). It was fun to watch him select fragrances. I had to keep reminding him that the scent wouldn't smell so strong once it was added to the soap.

I must say I've fallen in love with Mold Market's slab trays. Each slab uses 2 pounds of soap base.

The drizzled soap and sprinkled glitter (cosmetic grade) was an easy solution and the grand kids had fun with it.

Each soap is wrapped with clear plastic stretch wrap and placed in a cello bag. When my grandson saw the soaps being donated to our community Angel Tree, he said, I want my soaps to look like that.

So, the packaging is a "Grinch" theme that includes the following poem:

"Rub-a-dub-dub, there's a Grinch in your tub.
And he says lather up and wash off the grub.
Use this bar of soap to clean body & head,
Then put on pajamas and crawl into bed."
You can make 18 of these soaps for under $2 each and still plenty of leftover color for other soaping projects. Here are the supplies needed:

I previously posted about this Grinch sleigh that my grandson will gift to his teacher. I will also include a copy of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas book for her to read to the classroom once the soaps are distributed to the students.

My grandson is VERRRRRY excited about his teacher and classroom gifts this Christmas. As for NeeNee, I'm done pouring soaps for the season.

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Anne-Marie said...

Those soaps are so much fun! Love the bright colors. :)