Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas Elf Countdown 2012: Idea #5

Christmas Elf Countdown 2012: Idea #5

A jar of elf kisses is one way to announce your elf's arrival (or in my case, elves). Here are a few of scenarios to consider.
  • Leave a trail of the elf candy kisses from the front door to the elf. Place the elf next to the jar.
  • Position elves around the jar with some unwrapped kisses. Kids will enjoy picking out a chocolate treat during the Christmas countdown.
  • Place the empty jar in the middle of the floor and scatter the elf kisses for the kids to find. You might want to take a count of how many kisses you have hidden. The kids can hunt for the kisses and place them in the jar.
I purchased the jar at either Hobby Lobby or Big Lots. To dress the jar, you will need ribbon, Christmas print for cap insert, gift tag and fabric.

I found a left-over bracelet from my granddaughter's birthday party (purchased at Oriental Trading) and stretched it around the jar.

There are a host of colorful Christmas kisses at this time of year. I opted to add a few 3/4" labels to bottom of some of the kisses. Thank you, Amanda at Parties To Go for the free downloadable labels.

A 3/4" punch is perfect for cutting the labels to size. Hot glue is the fastest and easiest way to apply the labels to the candies.

A soup bowl was used as the fabric template. I printed a green and white stripe pattern for the lid insert and cut to size. Hot glue a coordinating ribbon around the rim of the outer lid. Have fun with the idea and make it your own!

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