Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Production Soap Molds

During the Christmas holiday season, we are all hard-pressed to get gifts purchased and wrapped. Not to mention those gifts we want to craft by hand. It can really put the pressure on us as we scramble to get everything done before the big day.

If you have hand-made soaps on your gift list, I suggest Mold Market's tray molds. The above mold produces nine, 3.75 to 4-ounce, square soaps in one pour. It was a life-saver this year when I volunteered to make 50 soaps for our community angel tree baskets.

Mold Market Tray mold for Soap Making at GoPlanetEarth.com

Two pounds of melt and pour soap will fill the tray mold. You can jazz it up by pouring in layers and drizzling with colored soap. We added cosmetic glitter to the top (white) layer for a festive look. I was under the gun to get these soaps to the local charity distribution center, so there wasn't much time to get them poured, wrapped and labeled. But, that's the beauty of these tray molds. You can get more soaps poured in less time.

GoPlanetEarth (GPE) offers several tray molds as well as giant-size production trays (up to 32 bars). Check out our entire selection of Mold Market tray and production molds.

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