Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Elf 2012: Idea #6

Oh my, those elves made a sleigh from a skateboard to deliver personalized ornaments from Bronners Christmas store in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The ornaments are in remembrance of Grandpa Beard, Grandpa Lobbs, and Uncle Don. It included a small bell for each of the kids to ring as they hung the ornaments.

The poem from the elves read,
"We heard you lost family close to your heart.

So as secret elves, we’ve a gift to impart.
Tucked inside this wrapped box are three ornaments,
Each one hand-selected in remembrance
Of Uncle Don, Grandpa Lobbs and your Grandpa Beard.
A Christmas reminder their presence is near.
When you hang each ornament, give a ring of the bell
To let those in Heaven know all is well.
When Christmas is over, and we elves must depart,
May memories of family stay tucked in your heart."

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