Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas 2012 Elf Idea #3 Revisited

Remember those personalized pillow cases from a former blog post? Well here they are filled with the grand kids holidays outfits (shoes and coats included). Elf passports and a letter from Santa are part of the package. The elves will need passports to re-enter the North
Pole when Santa picks them up on Christmas Eve.

Santa's letter was about the same as last year with a few edits making it relative to the past year. Of course, elf protocol rules were mentioned in Santa's letter.

We (NeeNee and Poppy) are taking the grand kids and family to a special Christmas event Saturday night. While having dinner a pre-show dinner, the grandkids' Mommy will place the elves in the van.

My daughter phoned this morning to tell me the kids are so excited that their elves will be arriving soon.

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