Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Melt & Pour Soapmaking: Christmas Chill Pill

Mold Market's Chill Pill Soap Mold
With all the holiday madness, it's important to have a pant-load of Chill Pill soaps ready to dispense as needed. I'm making mine in assorted colors and suited for various occasions. I've come up with a few suggestions for use.

  • When a road rage driver runs you off the road. Throw a soap at them. Just the act of throwing something will help you chill-out.
  • You are patiently waiting in a parking isle for someone to load up their bags to nab their parking spot. Your blinker is on, and you are ready to claim your spot. Just as the car pulls out, someone snags your spot from the other direction. Dang, that ticks you off. Have no fear, the Chill Pill works wonderfully on car windows and is easily removed with water....if you get my drift...
  •  The chill pill is great for gifting cashiers with bad attitudes. Leave a chill pill at the checkout as you are leaving. It will speak volumes without ever saying a word.
  •  When workers in the office, including the boss, are operating in crisis mode. Secretly place a chill-pill on their desk.
  • Pop a chill pill in the shower when the kids are driving you crazy and you're on the verge of losing control.
  • Be sure to have a chill pill in hand when opening the holiday credit card statement. You might two pills depending on the amount owed.
There are so many uses for the chill-pill. I'm putting some in stockings and anonymously gifting to .... oops, I can't say.

This is one of Mold Market's newest soap molds and already a favorite.

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