Saturday, December 15, 2012

Magic Christmas Elf: Idea #8

Between being sick and the crazy holiday rush at work, I'm behind in my Christmas Elf posts. I'm trying to do some catching up this morning and apologize for multiple elf posts. I'm usually on top of the elfcapades, but not this year.

The Magic Mail Elf delivered a note to the kids the other night. It told them their elves would be leaving special gifts later that night. The grandkids discovered the note when they returned home from Awana club. They had a hard time going to sleep knowing a gift was forthcoming. In the morning, they found their elves in the shower with shampoo, conditioner, washcloths and Grinch soap.

Dimples had taken off his soccer shoes and shirt and neatly placed them on the bath mat outside the shower door.

These Santa bath towels were hanging outside the shower for each kid. They will use them this holiday when hot tubbing at NeeNee and Poppy's house. I am fairly certain they will use them to play Santa as well.

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