Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Elf Idea: #7

While Olivia was sleeping, Dimples, pulled out the trunk filled with American Girl doll clothes. It seems Dimples was tired of her elf attire and needed a more fashionable look. The American Girl clothes were a perfect fit. We found her wearing two mismatched boots, coat and hat.... and a tutu. Not sure about a tutu at the North Pole????

While Dimples played dress-up, the boys (Dimples and Freckles) prepared for a movie and popcorn. Freckles slid into his special hand-made slipping bag with pillow while Giggles got the popcorn started. I wonder what movie they watched?

Once the elves discovered the American Girl clothes were sized for them, they took turns playing dress-up. Below is Freckles in a soccer outfit.

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