Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Adventures of Whipped Soap (Soap Frosting)

Whipped Soap Frosting
Thanks to a fellow soaper friend from Australia who kindly granted permission to share some photos of "Whipped Soaps", also known as soap frosting. It's not often someone is willing to divulge their soaping secrets, so bravo to my soap friend Terry! I have no doubt that whipped soap will challenge your soaping abilities and stretch your artistic talents to new heights. Terry is the PRO of whipped soap and willing to offer assistance should you decide to give it a try.

Soap made with whipped soap frosting
The purple basket weave soap was decorated with whipped soap using just a basic round circle colored in blue. Amazing!! A great tutorial, including several recipes, can be found at Terry's website. Below is a photo of what whipped soap looks like.

What whipped soap looks like

Gingerbread house made from soap
Also, take a look at this incredible gingerbread house made from soap. Yes, you read it right, soap.
The project started when a few other soapers put out a challenge to discover creative ways to used re-batched soap. Terry decided on a gingerbread house even though there was no logical way to use the soap. Of course, I don't see anything practical about an eatable gingerbread house, either. Do you know anyone who has actually eaten one? Yuck!! Anyway, I love the whole gingerbread soap idea!! Find out how it was done here.


Joanna Schmidt said...

Have you tried any whipped soap yourself?

Denise said...


Only with melt and pour soap. The Adventures of Whipped Soap is done using CP or rebatched soap. I work only with MP soap. I will be posting soon about the successes and failures of whipped MP soap that I've made for cupcake soaps. See Carson's Cupcake post.