Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cool, Fun Things for the Bathroom

Glass Bath Tub Certainly not a bathtub within my budget, but worthy of being on my wish list. I love the clean, contempory design coupled with the feng shui concept of achieving harmony with the environment. It can be found at Omvivo. The site doesn't list prices, so what does that tell you? I'm thinkin' it's only affordable to the rich and famous. and guessing it's price tag nears that of a down payment on a home.

Talking TP. I'm thinking this could be great fun at a party. Record (and re-record) a message, music or sound and then have it automatically play back. The recording device is built into a spindle that fits inside a roll of toilet paper (and fits all holders and toilet paper rolls) so that every time the toilet paper "rolls," the recording is played! Available at the Prank Place.

No kidding! You can advertise your business on TP. No doubt you will have a captive audience. Just Toilet imprints your artwork or message on toilet paper for around $2.35 a roll (one color). The minimum order is a little steep though, 5000 rolls. It could take an awfully long time to dispose of 5000 rolls of TP based on Sheryl Crow's suggested TP limitations.

Dirty face soap. Another "just for fun" bathroom item. Looks like real soap until you lather up. The lather turns your hands and face black. Available at Gag Works.

iPod Dock Toilet Paper Holder. No joke, you can now enjoy great tunes from your iPod while "on the throne." Available from Hmmm, graduations are coming up. Possibly a gift for that niece or nephew heading off to college. Maybe I could even include a few rolls of colored toilet paper from Specialty Toilet

Colored Toilet Paper

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