Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Tribute

My Wonderul, Heroic Dad
Today is Father's Day and I'm off to my parent's house for a BBQ with my sister and her family. We're cooking organic burgers, having grilled corn on the cob, homemade potato salad (made by my husband, and it's the best!!), and Southern style ice tea. The weather is sunny, humid, and perfect for an outdoor picnic. We plan to play some suffleboard (my parent's have their own court), a few games of Sequence (my Mom's favorite!), and a game or two of Phase 10.

This Father's Day is extra special to me. My Dad (pictured with my mon) is battling prostate/bone cancer. I honestly wasn't sure he would be here this year to celebrate this day. I am grateful and overjoyed that he's made it another year. He's gaining strength and his PSA level has dropped 24 points since he finished his radiation treatments. Today, I celebrate not only my Dad and his ongoing legacy of love, but also pay tribute to other Fathers battling cancer. I pray you have the same family support my Dad has had through this illness.

It seems the darkness of cancer is overshadowing all of our lives in one way or another. I HATE this disease. I've watched its devastating effects and mourned the loss of 4 close family members to this disease within the last 2 years. Even now, I watch it ravage and debiltate my Dad's body. If that's not enough, I watch a cousin (breast cancer, single mastectomy) and a close friend (breast cancer, double mastectomy) suffer the after effects of this disease. Thankfully, they are survivors, but it summons every ounce of their strength in this ongoing battle.

On this Father's Day, I say to my Dad...

"I love you! Every daughter should be fortunate enough to have a role model like you. You live your life by example, and it doesn't go unoticed. Integrity, morality, generosity, kindness, love and so much more; I've learned by watching you. For years, you have been the wind beneath MY wings, and now, as you battle this horrific disease, I feel honored to be the wind beneath YOUR wings. Happy Father's Day to my heroic dad."

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