Thursday, June 28, 2007

Flip Flops (a sidebar to previous post)

An absolute must for every handbag! Foldable flip flops. Just drop them in your bag for those emergency situations...

**You had an emergency pedicure and can't put your freshly polished toesies back into your pumps;

**You shopped all day and your feet are on fire;

**You danced all night and your feet are on fire;

**You wore your new Yves St. Laurent 5 “Tribute” platforms for two hours and your pieds sont flambĂ©es;

**What – you think I'm walking barefoot through that airport security line??

I love the whole concept. The bag and flip flops come in a number of colors. They even have bags that read "BRIDE" and "BRIDESMAID". A perfect gift to give to the gals in the bridal party when they're getting that bridal day pedicure.

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