Monday, June 25, 2007

Neat little flowerpot cakes... from Martha

Flower Pot Cake
A while back, I came across a neat recipe on the Martha Stewart web site. I remember thinking that the little pebbble candies looked so real that it was hard to believe they were candy. At some point I surfed the web endlessly looking to find these candies at a reasonable price. I was determined to make some of these clever looking cakes in the near future. My web search was a success and I found the candy pebbles at for just $9.99 for a 5-lb. bag. A much better price than the place Martha recommended at $8.00 per pound.

Rock Pebble Candy
Sadly, once these sweet little pebbles were delivered to my doorstep they became forever lost in my pantry. I just never seemed to find the time or the event to feature these tasty little cakes. That is until this weekend.

Finally ... the time and an event! I served the cakes at a cook-out we hosted. They were a hit from the get-go. Instead of a mint sprig on top of the cake, I used an edible flower (carnations). I wish now that I had taken pictures as they really were quite attractive. As for the candy pebbles; well, everyone raved about them, but no one actually ate them. I did try a few. They tasted like jelly beans which is my least favorite candy. Still, they definitely added a realistic touch to the flower pot cake. It was a fun dessert. As for the cake, absolutely delicious!

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