Thursday, June 14, 2007

Students turn used oil into soap

Recycled Cooking Oil
Two Singapore engineering students saw waste as an opportunity. As part of a research project, they were determined to find a way to purify used cooking oil into a useful and environmentally-friendly product. After much tinkering, they have succeeded. They are using the purified oil to make a simple and indispensable product: SOAP.

The soap was recently tested for use as a jantorial cleaning product. It was distributed to school canteen vendors who claimed it worked, but it didn't smell so great. The pair went back to the drawing board and came up with an improved version that include fruit scents like peach. After graduation, these two inventive students plan to continue with their research. They want to develop a soap for use on the skin. Right now the texture of the soap is too harsh for skin use. Once they've fine tuned the process, they also hope to patent it. Who knows, in the near future you could be making your soaps with the help of recycled cooking oils.

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