Thursday, June 28, 2007

Flip Flops... from Geek to Chic

Flip flops have definitely evolved. When I was a kid they were just a slab of rubbery foam with a V-shaped strap (like the pair pictured in blue). Today, the flip flop, or sometimes called the shoe thong, has morphed into high fashion. They are the footwear of choice for us working gals and guys. At our facility, it's the only thing we wear year round. Rain, sleet, sun, or snow, a pair of flip flops are always in tow or on our feet.

What is our love affiar with flip flops? For me, it is all about comfort. Having worked in the corporate world for many years, the dress code was strictly business suits and heels. No wonder my feet cry out for comfort. Flip flops allow my feet to breath, expand, and show off my pedicure.

So what has caused toe thong shoes to go from geek to chic? Perhaps it started when women abandoned pantyhose which in turn prompted a surge in nail salons and toe rings. Afterall, who wants to hide pretty feet? I have flip flops for every occasion. Some are cheap charlies, others more pricey (for those upscale, dressy events). Target and Wal-mart are my two favorite places to buy inexpensive, yet stylish flip flops. The plaid pair pictured below are from Target and retail for a mere $10.99.
I was amazed to find you can even purchase flip flops with add-on features like a bottle opener nestled in the sole of the sandal, or a place to store your credit card or cash while at the beach. Even, Oprah has her favorite flip flop pick which retail for $23 at (pictured below).

You may be wondering what flip flops have to do with soap making and why in the heck I'm posting a blurp about them. First, flip flops have nothing to do with soap making. Second, I want you to know that all orders shipped from GoPlanetEarth are processed by a bunch of fun-loving, flip flop wearing employees (owner included!). By the way, we sell a terrific bath size flip flop soap mold made by Mold Market. It's just one of the many cool molds we stock from this company.

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