Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making 3-D Caramel Apple Soaps

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Pouring apple soap has never been so much fun. My staff was super excited about this soaping project and rightfully so. Geez, there are so many variations on using this new two-part "Mold Market" 3-D soap mold. The apple and stem were hand-cut and secured with clear soap base. A wooden skewer was used to make the leaf veins.

Tomato red soap colorant (in clear MP soap base) was used to color the apple. Pour each half in mold and allow to cool. Remove from mold and using the smoother tool, make a slit to insert the popsicle stick. Once the stick is secure, join the two halves with clear soap base that has been melted to a comfortable "pinkie finger" temperature. The smoother tool is ideal to shave off any extra soap at the joint seam.

We'll get the recipe for the caramel colored soap within the next week. Once the soap is melted and colored, dip the joined apple into the colored soap.

Immediately sprinkle on desired embellishments. We used sea salt, ground nuts and sprinkles. So many possibilities!

Keep checking the blog for easy packaging ideas for these apples. I have to tell you, the grand kids were all over these dipped apples. An ideal soap mold to use for birthday parties, Halloween parties, or just for the heck of it! Consider red colored apples dipped in both pink and white.The popsicle sticks are sold at GoPlanet in 50 count packages.

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