Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine Packaging: Lip Stick and Newsprint

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Packaging can't get any easier or inexpensive as this. This Valentine packaging is courtesy of my grand daughter and her lovely lips....

Miss Olivia was quite excited about applying lip stick for this Valentine packaging idea. She is pictured above at the onset of the project and below after several lip stick applications.

I kid you not, this was what she looked like.
She was so proud of her kissable work.

She will tell you that a hand-held mirror is essential for lip stick application.
And, of course, more is better.

Here she is kissing the newsprint.
Trust me, she was all about the kissing part.

There you go... imprinted kisses for Valentine's Day.
Below is the final packaging results.

You can print-out the newsprint here, but you're on your own for the lip stick kisses! They fit our white window soap boxes. Just trim the paper to fit the front and back side of the box. The newsprint is cut as a band around the box. The sides of the box are not covered.

I'll have a blog post soon about the mini clothespins used to attached the gift tags. GoPlanet offers a gift tag set here.

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