Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Packaging to Sell: Polka Dots

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Going dot, dot, dot crazy! I sent my honey man on a mission to the local paint store. HIS MISSION: Bring back paint samples. He was clueless about the "what for", but when he saw the finished packaging, he was impressed. Not that my honey gives a whoop about packaging, but the mere fact that he commented was a thumbs up in my mind.

I printed out some free vector backgrounds I found online and resized them to fit a sheet of paper (I used MS Publisher to resize the images). Once printed, I wrapped my box. I used a 1/2 pound candy box for this project. If you want to wrap something larger, visit your local dollar store and pick up rolls of gift wrap.

A 1" and 3/4" size hole punch was used to stamp out the circles. I attached the dots to cotton twine with double sided tape which allowed me to adhere the string of dots to the package. If you don't want to use gift wrap, just apply the polka dots to your box.

You can also use ribbon, jute twine or even strips of fabric to attach the cut-out dots. I can't wait to run with this idea and see the many variations I can create.

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