Sunday, January 22, 2012

Packaging: FREE Printables for Mother's Day

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I am always seeking inspiration for inexpensive, creative packaging. If you are a regular GoPlanetEarth customer, you know I recently added a web page to showcase low cost packaging ideas.

Earlier this week the grand kids were here for dinner. I brought home sheets of white packing paper so the kids could color their own place mat. Watching my six-year old grand daughter draw and scribble on her placement, I realized how her simple drawing would make great gift wrap.

Don't dismiss the creative powers of a child. Little peeps draw, think, feel, believe and create from the heart and I based the above packaging ideas on that "heartfelt" attitude. I will be using this idea for Mother's Day packaging (May 13) this year.

This is the PDF link for the FREE printable wraps as pictured. The banded wraps fit our BO-16 Soap Boxes. You can purchase the gift tags from our web site or create your own.

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