Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Standard "Before Work" Thursday...

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Every Wednesday the grand kids stay the night to attend Awana Club. They've been doing this since toddlers. On Thursday mornings it's my job to get the kids dressed for school while Poppy (my honey-man) makes everyone's breakfast of choice. All three kids pick something different and Poppy is willing to oblige.

My grand daughter, Olivia, better known as "Miss O" or "Peanut", is obsessed with all things pink. Every Thursday, she picks special ribbons from my craft cupboard to put in her hair. And, if she's the special helper that morning, she gets to cut the ribbon with "big people" scissors which is a big deal for a six-year old.

This morning, Miss O picked a light and dark pink ribbon. She also selected the location for the above photograph. As I guessed, it was next to the Valentine ornament arrangement. It's her favoite because it is pink and purple. Imagine that?

This is the same centerpiece made at Christmas using repurposed wine bottles. Post-Christmas bulbs are replaced with Valentine ornaments purchased from Lillan Vernon catalog. The kids love the arrangement. On Valentine's day, paper hearts dress the the base of the arrangement with notes on where the kids can find special treats.

I will use this same wine bottle arrangement for Easter. You'll have to wait and see what ideas are jumping around in my head :))

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Lois Lobbs said...

Denise, I love your idea of the valentine bulbs. Such a lovely decoration.