Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Packaging Soaps in a Book Purse

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I am all over this idea. One of my workers, Nichelle, arrived today with a purse made from the cover of the current book she is reading. How awesome!!

Nichelle is an avid read and lover of all things creative (of course, that's why she works for GoPlanet). This is the purse she made.

Fabric glue and remnant material was used to line the inside of the book cover. When cutting the bag liner, you will need to leave extra "side-vent" material for the bag to fully open.

The purse handles were purchased at JoAnn's fabric. Nichelle estimates the total cost of this purse project. at $35, but that was purchasing the book new. I suggest shopping local thrift stores for your book covers. Goodwill and Salvation Army stores are other great shopping options. This particular book pictured had a 3-inch binding which is an awesome width for a purse.

What an incredible gift bag for soap and toiletry products or just to display products in a retail store.

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