Saturday, January 14, 2012

Valentine Pops

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As promised, here are examples of the butterfly and flower Charms Blow Pops I'm making for my grand daughter's kindergarten classmates. The printable cut-outs are linked below. You'll want to use cardstock paper. I went with red and pink colors.
Flower Cut-Outs

Butterfly Cut-Outs

You will need a box cutter to make the slits to insert the sucker stick in the butterfly. The cut-outs clearly defined the cutting lines. Tape a Smartie candy roll over the stick. The butterfly antenna is made with a pipe cleaner. I cut the pipe cleaners in half and twisted around a chopstick.

A hand-held hole punch is needed for the flower cut outs. Slide the pop into the center hole. I added two Lifesaver candies (I punched a hole in the plastic wrapper; through the center of the Lifesaver). Slide these onto the sucker stick. Use a piece of tape at the base of the Lifesavers to keep them from sliding off the stick.

Add curling ribbon under the flower cut-out (below the Lifesavers). The "FROM" tag can be  positioned above or beneath the flower; it's your call.

Assembling the cut-outs is easy, cutting them out is time consuming. However, when I saw the look on my grand daughter's face, it was worth the time and effort. I have another Valentine project that I did for my 8 year old grandson on my web site. He preferred an candy airplane over the butterflies and flowers.

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