Monday, January 23, 2012

Packaging: Peacock Feather Gift Wrap

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Packaging ideas are like a river that empties into a spacious sea and spills over to land... I think you get my drift. Packaging ideas are endless and the creation process is oh so fun. I studied interior design in my younger years, so color, texture and shapes are always dancing around in my head. I can't say what triggers a particular color concept, it just happens. This was one of those mind dancing moments.

I love natural peacock feathers. Every year the male peacock sheds his feathers (yep, he's a little naked man running around without clothes). I am all about re-purposing things, so peacock feathers were a great choice for snazzin-up (is that even a word?) my gift wrap. You can purchase peacock feathers here at a reasonable price. You may even find them at a craft stores in your area and forego any shipping costs.

I happened to have some turquoise grosgrain ribbon and paper cording hanging out in one of my craft drawers, so that was my color choice. Lime green would be another color option. The banded flower design can be printed from the GoPlanetEarth web site. I've included a turquoise paper ribbon in the template (in case you don't have any ribbon on hand). This printable design fits soap box BO-16.

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