Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spiderman Alphabet Cards: Great Toddler Gift

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I know the Christmas holidays are "over" and most have moved their creative thoughts to Valentine's Day. However, today, I am celebrating Christmas with my second daughter, Kristen, She has been my daughter's best friend since grade school. Both girls married their high school sweethearts which makes the friendship even closer.

I was brainstorming about what to gift Kristen's 3 year old son. I wanted to do something handmade. I remembered how much he loves Spiderman. My inspirational "ah-hah" moment was making the following Spiderman Alphabet Cards.

I have a 3 year old grand son who is enthralled with super heroes so I was confident the picture cards would score points with Spencer, and they did!

I used 28 blank playing cards and resized various Spiderman posters to fit the face of the cards. Double sided tape has become my best friend and at the rate I've been using it, I should be buying stock with the 3M company. Sure wish they would send me a lifetime supply.

The first card is shown above, and the last card is a picture of Spencer in his Spiderman costume. The remaining 26 cards have an alphabet letter secured to the back side of the card.

I printed Spiderman paper from the web and cut to fit the gift box from GoPlanetEarth. This gift box is perfectly sized for a deck of cards. Evenly align and punch two holes to the left of each card. One-inch notebook binder rings keep cards in place.

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