Sunday, December 18, 2011

$25 Holiday Giveaway

This is the holiday scene Kimberly B. is seeing this Christmas (photo by Kevin & She is the winner of the "My Family Christmas Holiday Tradition" contest which offered a $25 gift certificate to GoPlanetEarth. A trip to NYC at Christmas time is on my bucket list. Congratulations, Kimberly and happy holidays to you and your family from GoPlanet. Here is the winning submission:

"... my mom, three younger sisters and I start our holiday season by putting up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. The family hangs out from early in the day playing games and watching holiday specials. Then, after eating and resting,we trim the tree and reminisce about years past.

Our tree has been around as long as I, 37 years, and we've both seen better times but continue to do our best each year. This starts the season with twinkling lights and positive intentions for what's to come.

Since we are all grown up and aren't swimming in a roomful of toys and clothes, we have started going out for holiday fun and giving mom a rest from the kitchen. We take in the traditional holiday sights NYC has to offer, like parades, department store window displays, Broadway shows and strolling the city streets just enjoying our time together. It has become just a spectacular as holiday sesons gone by with the knowledge that though gifts are nice, the real joy is spending time with my family."

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