Monday, December 05, 2011

Soap Sampler Christmas Tree

This is actually a cheese tree from Cabot Cheese Company. I'm envisioning this as a spectacular appetizer for my family Christmas; one everyone will oohhh and ahhhh and say "how creative". Then my OCD brain grows feet and starts running with ideas of how this could work for soap. Honestly, I try not to think and sleep soap; it just happens.

The Mold Market brand of soap molds sells a 48-bar cubed tray. How perfect is that? If you are a retail store or offer soap samples at trade shows, why not use this holiday tree idea? Mold Market offers a star mold that makes a perfect tree topper. Swap out the red tomatoes in above pic for the star snowflake, small puffed heart, apple wedge or strawberry slice.

Placing sprigs of thyme or other fresh greens between the colored layers adds depth and a festive tone. I'm thinking bay leaves, sprigs of tarragon, pine sprigs... heck, the ideas are countless.

Display on something portable like a cutting board or sheet of corrugated cardboard cut from a recycled box. Wrap the cardboard in festive gift wrap. Forming a tree shape from cardboard with sides to support the soap might help keep the soap in place. As customers and buyers remove a sample, refill the void.

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daisydilly (vicki) said...

Such an awesome idea!!! I needed a new way to display my soaps at the craft fairs so will have to work on something similar for that!! You are such a wonderful creative person