Monday, December 19, 2011

Day Eight: 2011 Magic Elf Countdown

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Another night of mischief. The elves crept out of bed (even though the kids swear they were holding the elves tightly) and decided to play a few rounds of poker. They needed a fourth partner so solicited the help of one of NeeNee's nutcrackers.

The elves got into NeeNee's special glassware that are only reserved for the grand kids special sparkling juice. My 3-year old grandson was upset that the elves had not asked permission to use them (because the kids can only use them with permission).  The drummer nutcracker decided to help himself to some eggnog from the fridge and used the cup Miss O had been gifted at our family party.

Thank goodness those elves went home with the grand kids last night. I told them I might have to lock them up in a closet the next time they come to visit NeeNee and Poppy. The kids would have no part of that!

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Lois Lobbs said...

Toddler Ficher sure has an imagination. You can see his thinker spinning.