Friday, December 16, 2011

Day Four: 2011 Magic Elf Countdown

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Those elves were up to something last night. It appears they found rolls of red and green crepe and decided to do some decorating.  It was quite a display. There were jingle bells everywhere (which BTW, the grand kids loved!). They went around picking them up and collecting piles. The polar bears stopped by to get in on the fun. As you can see, they brought some North Pole snow with them.

Miss O was all about the snow. Carson was still half asleep and Fischer was talking non-stop telling me how the elves took the jingle bells off all the reindeer. He also had his take on how his elf got on top of the TV and proceeded to demonstrate how his elf moved furniture and then jumped really, really high to get up to the TV. That's Fish below explaining his elf philosophy.

Here is a portion of Fish's conversation about the jingle bells and his magic elf.

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Lois Lobbs said...

Denise, that elf business is so precious. Enjoy the video of Fischer. What a fantastic idea! Love it. Thanks for sharing.