Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day Three: 2011 Magic Elf Countdown

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Last night was somewhat tough. The idea was to slip tags over each elves head that read, "Look in your elf mailbox". Unfortunately, Carson and Fischer were clutching their elves so tightly while sleeping that my daughter couldn't get the tag over the elves's head. She decided to just place the tag on the elf's belly.

Well, that wasn't such a great plan because the boys toss and turn so much in their sleep the tags got lost under the covers. Thankfully, Miss O's elf, Giggles, had a tag and the boys started throwing back covers to find their own.

The kids ran to the elf mailboxes and found a message that told them where to look for a special gift. Carson received a small Lego set and the other two received holiday puzzles (courtesy of Target's dollar section).

I wish I could be there every morning to witness the grand kids excitement when finding messages, mischief or gifts from the elves. Anxious to hear what the elves did on the eve of day Four. My daughter is stopping by for her Blimpy Girl lunch this morning and she'll share the details (which I'll pass on to you elf followers).

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Lois Lobbs said...

It sure would be fun to peek in on the elf activity. Such a great idea. The Grand-kids will have such super memories.